My favourite inventory script

UPDATE: New script download link here.

Last week I received one of the most dreaded emails ever. It began with “can you please fill out an inventory spread sheet for this customer?”. I’ve been through a fair few IT jobs and whether I worked for a small or large company documentation was never their strong side so I pretty much knew I’d have to do it from scratch. Luckily I came across Jesse Hamrick’s script on the powershellpro site. You can download my edited version here.

I’ve only made a couple of modifications to the original script:

1. Replaced 1024 / 1024 with 1GB to get RAM etc. in GB instead of MB and updated the spreadsheet headers accordingly.

2. Excel 2013 only creates one worksheet rather than three when you open a new workbook so you’ll end up missing two sheets (networking and disks). To create the two additional sheets I’ve inserted  two more lines of $Sheet = $Excel.Worksheets.Add().

And that’s it. You can obviously tweak this as much as you want but Jesse’s original script pretty much does everything I need it t do.

Below is an example of the spread sheet it produces:

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