XenServer tools install hangs after reboot

As promised this is a continuation of my previous post where I described the pain of trying to install XenServer tools on an SBS server, BSOD and the recovery. Hopefully you’re not at the BSOD point yet and just staring at a XenServer tools install that isn’t progressing at all.

If that’s the case you can cancel the installation but before you reboot your server there are two things to do:

1. Remove XenServer tools from Control Panel – Programs and Features.

2. Stop and disable the Exchange Transport Service

After this you can reboot the server, reinstall XenServer tool within minutes and all is fine.

I have so far failed to find any Citrix KB articles to this effect but it will definitely save you a lot of problems.

In my case this was an SBS server but if you’re not running Exchange it might be worth stopping/disabling all non essential services.


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